Termigo Microclimas

TERMIGO MICROCLIMAS – TERMIGO is an engineering company specialized in bio-airconditioning solutions. Since 20 years TERMIGO has been offering energy saving solutions based on evaporative air cooling and continuous innovation in the product. (https://termigo.com/) TERMIGO offers bio-air conditioning solutions for their costumers based on energy saving reaching up to 80 % according to viability studies, analysis, dimensioning and project supervisions.
High volume and surfaces with low energy consumption, pre-cooling unit stages and evaporative free-cooling are some solutions implemented in more than 6.500 projects carried out mainly in the industrial sector, but also in the commercial and residential sectors.
TERMIGO provides to their costumers the confidence and security of a specialized professional team that have allowed to implement ecological solutions in leading companies in logistics, alimentation or automotive sector. And not only at the national level: Termigo also has internationally presence in more than 15 countries.
Now, TERMIGO belongs to an international Company Group (Dantherm Group, https://www.dantherm.com/). The Dantherm Group is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions with more than 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing high-end quality and energy-efficient equipment for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications.
TERMIGO is the sponsor of the Guide of the evaporative Bio-air conditioning in its objective to promote energy efficiency and air conditioning techniques respectful with the environment, that contribute to stop climate change by promoting a global benefit for the environment, Nature and the planet.
In December 2014, Termigo received an award in the category of air conditioning of the magazine NAN Architecture and Construction, for being an example of effective technology non-polluting by its low energy consumption and by the absence in its operation of emissions of refrigerant gases which turns it into an advanced ecological model to heat in a responsible and efficient manner.

Role in the project:

TERMIGO will make a consulting tool according to the following planning: T5.1 Design and construction of bench-scale prototype; T5.2 Prototype testing; T5.3 Definition of application scenarios. For the last task (T5.3) TERMIGO will generate a report on the application scenarios.

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