F.D. Ovcharenko Institute of Bio-colloidal Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The F.D. Ovcharenko Institute of Bio-Colloidal Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IBCC) is a leading Ukrainian research institution which focuses on the study of a variety of colloidal and physicochemical phenomena in the systems related to biology, and bio-chemical and bio-medical applications. The research activity of scientists from the IBCC is also concerned with different fundamental topics of colloid science and physical chemistry. The research group from the IBCC is involved in the proposed project because of its expertise in the fields of electrokinetic phenomena, membrane science, analytical and bio-analytical separation science, micro- and nanofluidics. Such a multidisciplinary background of the research group from the IBCC is required for achieving complex goals of the proposed project. This expertise is renowned by the scientific community due to a number of research results reported by the participants in the relevant leading scientific journals and scientific conferences. The participants have impressive experience of working in national and international research projects that have been dealing with close subjects.

Role in the project:

The group from IBCC will work on mathematical modelling, computer simulations, optimisation of the process to be developed and developing the respective software.

Other partners