The EHAWEDRY technological system

How to overcome the feasibility limitation of thermoelectric device

The EHAWEDRY technological system revolutionises the waste heat recovery processes by using electrochemical capacitors.

Expensive materials and extremely low-efficient energy conversion processes, based on mechanical components such as expanders, compressors and turbines, limit the market scalability of thermoelectric devices, especially for low-medium grade heat. 

EHAWEDRY, a new approach for waste heat recovery 

EHAWEDRY technologies is based on these principles:

  • Cost-effective production and scalability by using readily available and inexpensive materials.
  • Energy Conversion Process cost-cutting by using innovative electrochemical capacitors instead of complex mechanical systems
  • Enhanced Design Flexibility by avoiding mechanical components, therefore allowing for easier system integration and widening application scenarios.

EHAWEDRY Functional requirements

The EHAWEDRY energy conversion process demands specific functional requirements in inputs such as:

  • Airstreams with low relative water-vapour pressure 
  • Sufficient air movement to facilitate the drying process 
  • Availability of water 

EHAWEDRY expands potential applications

Through its innovative approach, EHAWEDRY broadens potential applications and enhances market scalability, enabling more feasible waste heat recovery. However, artificially creating the necessary input conditions can be costly and resource-intensive. To maximize cost-efficiency and practicality, it is beneficial to identify scenarios where these conditions already exist. This allows for more effective and economical implementation